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"Aging In Place", is the ability to live at home while you get older. Renovations to your home will allow you to age gracefully while easing your worries of an in-home accident.

There are both interior and exterior adjustments that will easily allow you to obtain this; 

                                                                Exterior                                                                                               Interior


>   Accessible path of travel to the home

>   Doorbell in accessible location

>   32-Inches of clear with, 36-inch door 


>   Low maintenance exterior and interior finishes

>   Easy to operate hardware


>   Ramp to doorway, if needed

>   Handrail, if steps 

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

>   HVAC to be designed so filters are easily accessible

>   Energy-efficent units

>   Windows that can be opened for cross ventilation

Interior Doors

>   Levered door hardware


>   Lever handles or pedal-controlled

>   Pressure balanced faucets


>   Pull-down shelving

>   Open shelving for easy access to items


>   Front loading laundry machines

>   Raised dishwasher with push-button controls

>   Microwave oven at counter height or in wall


>   Walk in tub/shower

>   Light in shower stall

>   Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom & shower

>  Assist bars in shower / near toilet

Assist bars, handles & rails
A walk in tub
ADA Compliant fixtures

A walk in tub / shower is the perfect accident free ammenity. With easy access both in & out, this improvement alone makes a world of difference

Assist bars, handles & rails will make activities within the bathroom easier & more efficient

We provide ADA Compliant fixtures for both the bathroom & kitchen. 

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