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The process begins with sharing a vision with our designer and project developer.  We can focus on opening spaces, removing walls and merging rooms to make a more comfortable and better use of the space.


Then, together we decide what materials, fixtures and finishes work best in your budget


We are dedicated to installing high qualilty, long lasting fixtures and furnishings so you can be worry free for years to come.  Once the layout is finalized, the tradesmen, installers and  project manager are invited to evaluate and confirm placements and installations. 


Finally, we place the order and you can sit back and relax while the crew goes to work.



Islands enhance any kitchen with extra storage and seating.  Using different cabinetry or countertops from the rest of the kitchen, they are often viewed as a classic piece of furniture 



There are so many colors, textures, materials that can be used in todays Kitchens so finding the right one may be a challenge.  We have narrowed down the choices in hopes to simplify the projects.

tile backsplash

Tile Backsplash

Another decision to make!!  Should it be tile, loose stone slab, or nothing at all?  This could be the focal point of your design so careful considerations and details are key.

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