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The cabinets needs to be not only functional but fit into your style and design.  There are so many colors, configurations and styles, the choices are endless so we have narrowed down the search.  This will help the process and eliminate the feeling of being overwelmed



Moen has excellent products, customer service and warrantees.  You will sure beable to find a fixture to fit your needs. 

tile and nitches

Tile & Nitches

Designs, placements, and sizes will be decided before installation starts. So knowing what is available, what works and does not work well together, will ease this process of the remodeling project 

So you want to renovate your bathroom. First, our designers will help you envision what you would like in your new space. We can

focus on utilizing the size of the bathroom, while creating a more spacious feel. 


There are many elements and decisions to make.  From creating a space that feels like a spa, to something nice and simple, we can achieve the look you desire



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